Error with the program by means of AnyScreen display

I have a TPS database that runs on an AnyScreen server and through AnyScreen the app does not work like Clarion’s exe program directly. The following problems are noticeable.
1.) The date display format @D6. shows in the browser gridcell only the number without format.
2.) TextBox cannot be switched to transparent as with the Clarion Exe.
3.) String variables that are in the browse list in the gridcell are only displayed after refreshing the window.
4.) Input fields always have a frame although they are set to flat and transparent. In the clarion execut, these are displayed correctly.

Now the question. Can you influence that or what am I doing wrong? How or what do I have to do to display the correctly.

Thank you for your help

Perhaps you should post this in the AnyScreen newsgroup that Marko monitors.

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The SV Newsgroups have a group for AnyScreen that is active and Marko monitors.

A free news reader is Thunderbird. Some settings need to change to work are detailed in the below link:

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