Frame Color - MDI vs Non-MDI

A Clarion MDI Windows vs Non-MDI Windows Frame Color tends to be different. Non-MDI Window Frame color gets themed with Windows 10 O/S theme frame color, but not MDI or FRAME Window.

Is it possible to change MDI / Frame Header Color in C10?


I don’t know much about this, but I thought I’d pass on this response from Thomas Glomb on the SV C10 NG to a similar question:

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Hello Glenn,
nope… no chance. The babyblue color and the style are fixed. Don’t blame
SV - it’s a MS thing ! Other compilers which also using the MDI paradigm
and also don’t use the more modern MS UI methods (i.e XAML) having the
very same problem.
Try Noyantis/Codejock skinning or search the newsgroup for “metro caption
template” by Liam/Comformark.
Ciao, Thomas

Also discussed here previously:

You might use subclassing.

I have a 15 year old example that Gregory Bailey/Randy Rogers wrote. Try this link:

if the link doesnt work go to and go to Clarionfoundry/Language/Subclassing/Subclassing a text control to change its border…

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IMHO… The simpliest way to rich this goals in Clarion is calling SetParent API function after opening the window.
After this you may use Windows Desktop Window Manager (DWM) functions (DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea etc.).
Note: This works at Windows 7 and higher.


MSDN example:

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Do you have any working Clarion example?

Not sure that this works on an MDI child though. As @RexCalifornia said, I would be curious to see an example in action!

Ok, let’s be curious… :slight_smile:
Sorry, I can’t give a Clarion code example, but I can give a photo with little explanation. Some data on screenshot are hidden… :slight_smile:

There are 3 windows on screen.
Left thumbnail:

  1. Standart Clarion MDI Parent Frame without menu and toolbar.
  2. Assotiated with a frame standart Clarion MDI child window with a FULL attribute, NOT plugged to Desktop Window Manager.
    Right thumbnail:
  3. “Slightly modified” Clarion MDI child window, plugged to DWM. This window has focus now. Also, there are two thumbnail buttons, representing a part of window funcionality.
    Taskbar button:
  4. Progress bar in TBPF_INDETERMINATE state.
  5. Animated overlay icon.

Clarion 6.3 / Windows 10 and a little bit of magic… :slight_smile: