Frame Menu wraps to 2 lines with Child menu

Hi All,

How do I stop the Main MDI Frame menu from wrapping to the next line? There is enough space on the FRAM to display the MDI child menu options but as soon as I move the MDI window around and maybe off-size from the MDI Frame the menu (From the MDI window) wraps under the main menu bar - a second line and does not display the name although it is still there but not visible?



Got a screen shot showing what you mean as C6 & C11 apps with MDI Frames are working fine here on Win10.

Error occurs in WIN10 and Clarion 11.1

Can you show a picture of it before it wraps and goes invisible?

Posting the code of the Child window Menubar may help spot something unusual.

You can also post an animated GIF video of the moving causing the problem using this webpage.

Thank u for your input, found the problem, will submit it to the 3rd Party Vendor.

Removed from the resize of the window and it all works.