Going offline for a little while for server upgrade and discourse update!

Moving the server to a new version of ubuntu as well as updating to the latest stable branch of discourse (v1.7, more on that once we are complete).

This means a bunch up rebuilds, restores from backup and other upgrades. It should only be an hour or so, I am running tests now to see. Mostly it depends on how fast I can upload the backups from the old server to the new. Don’t get me started on the speed of the internet in Australia. Boo!

Once that is stable I will also be moving the droplet from NYC to SF datacenters. I think this will give a boost to performance for those of us down under… ! :slight_smile:

Gah, failed. Some sort of version issue. I will try again tomorrow and update here as I know more…

Upgrade to v1.7.1 is complete!

Full details on the blog:

Loads and loads of changes.

As well as upgrading discourse we are now on a new server, ubuntu 16.04.1
In a few days I will also try shifting to a San Francisco datacenter which will hopefully give better performance globally. It means taking a snapshot of the working server, transferring the snapshot and adjusting DNS to point to the new droplet. It could be a few hours to fully propagate but I will try to minimise the interruption!

If you find anything odd on the site after the update please let me know.