How do I read a USB port? (racing pedals for iRacing)

I am a car racer on iRacing and I would like to create a program similar to DIView.exe by Leo Bodnar. DIView allows you to see all of the data being passed back from USB racing pedals.

Kindly point me in the correct direction and I will do the research and will play with it. I am using C10 currently.

Thanks, dudes!

God, its great being retired now!

Hi Robert

is this RS232 ie. serial?

if so, I have always used ClaCom from Gap Development but I don’t think that is still available.

a more current alternative is Capesoft’s Winevent which has comms stuff as well as a lot of other things:

I probably should add that you could prototype and use the Win API’s directly but that would be more work.


Geoff R

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That’s what I was looking for, Geoff! Thanks for passing that along, Mate.

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If it’s actually USB hardware, like you say in the title of the post, I’m not entirely sure WinEvent will help you. Communicating with USB hardware is a different kettle of fish than serial.
With a serial device you’re talking to the serial port, and you have to hope the right hardware is attached to it. With USB you talk to the device itself, the OS takes care of tracking what USB port it’s attached to.
So although you ultimately use the same API calls to read/write data to a USB device that implements HID as you do with serial devices (ReadFile & WriteFile), the enumeration process (and the name you end up passing to CreateFile) are completely different

Thanks for the tips on that, Abdullah!

I have stepped back on this project… It sounds like way to much work for a retired geek to pursue. :slight_smile: