How many tables do you have in your biggest C10 solution?

  • 0-50
  • 51-100
  • 101-150
  • 151-200
  • 201-250
  • 251-300
  • 301-350
  • 351-400
  • 401-450
  • 451-500
  • More than 500

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It’s a tricky question… I have 151-200 declared in DCT but my DB has several more, because I like to use SPs which are called using SQL dummy table …


Agree with you on that. My intention behind this poll was to find physical table defined in the DCT.

I have a huge project with over 600+ tables, is being moved from C6 to C10. The data dll has now become a pain to work with in C10. Everytime I click on the Global Embed tab (even accidentally), it would take to be precise 00:03:25+ minutes. There is no way to exit out of this process and the status bar shows “Building Embed Tree”…

It was never been a problem in C6. If you were debugging something, making several changes in different procedure, this is very frustrating.

This happens on a Windows 10 64bit laptop with SSD, Intel i7, 8GB RAM. If no. of tables defined are fewer, then it doesn't matter much. Therefore, I wanted to know, is there anybody with that size of a solution OR do I need to think of an alternative.

665 tables in our dictionary (we should make some clean-up of old and unused tables, but the real number is certainly above 500) and we have the same problem with the global embed tab in the data dll.
I don’t know if anyone noticed that if you hit that global embed tab then it’s not advisable to generate the data dll. If you do that, you’ll have to wait a looooooooooong time for the clw generation (something like half an hour or maybe more). You’d better off closing the app (and Clarion), reloading it and then generate the app.


Oh, BTW, hi everybody !
I’m Alberto from Italy and I use Clarion since the 3.0 version for DOS in early '90s.

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Hi Mathew,

Yes, it’s slow to get in, even with not so many tables! If I had any bigger projects I would add INCLUDE() statements to the embeds I might use the most and create external source files so I didn’t have to go into the global embeds! Some of the things that the C6 IDE did in seconds it can take minutes for the new IDE. Even on a fast desktop (i7, 32GB RAM, SSD, etc.)

Best regards,

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Thanks Arnor,
I’ve never thought about doing the include() as you’ve mentioned… Sounds brilliant and I would give that a try…


Just wanted to add this Image about our DCT of ERP project we work on it on Clarion 9.1, about 771 tables, the good things that´s still working.

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Awesome Y.M… Thanks for sharing

Same Alb, It´s take around 30min when global embed is hit, even when I know and try all the time not to hit this tab, but some times I hitting it by mistake and then wait again 30min for nothing, just wondering if there an possible way on the IDE how to block this Tab, or hide, or when you hit just make question to ask are you sure want to go to global embed?

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Our dct properties (ERP solution…)…


Some impressive stats here.
My dictionaries are quite large, I thought.
May I enquire just for interest sake the number of databases the tables are spread across and driver types being supported.
I have one dictionary with many tables, which also refer to varying number of drivers. E.G. DOS, ASCii, TPS, MS SQL, ODBC (MySQL) and so on.


If table relations are not defined in the DCT, I’m curious if Clarion is still slow?
(This of course assumes that an SQL backend is handling integrity so it is not needed in the DCT)


That’s an interesting question Douglas, but I don’t have a reply for that.