How to find, that the Red Cross on the Frame has been used to close the window

I get some falts when the red cros is used, and want to override some code if the red cross is used for closing the window

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You can use a local variable to either check whether the window has been closed the “correct” way or to make it so the user cannot use the X or escape and must close it the way you intend.

Attached example shows using such a variable. (6.8 KB)

Hi Edvard.

I assume you are talking about closing a window by pressing the red cross at the top right? From what I remember, this used to be a problem with Windows XP and Clarion 5 or Clarion 6 (can’t remember which). Some more information might help. What is your Windows and Clarion version?


You want the Red X to go through your Cancel button?

All closing goes through EVENT:CloseWindow (unless it does an Accept BREAK or DO ProcedureReturn). That includes OK, Cancel, Red X and other ways to close: Escape, Ctrl+F4, System Menu, Frame Close Down.

One way to do this is to have a local variable AllowClose BOOL.
In Event:CloseWindow check if AllowClose =False then Post(EVENT:Accepted,?Cancel) and CYCLE, so you effectively click Cancel.

In Cancel and Event:Competed (OK done) set AllowClose = TRUE to allow Window to close. So any other method Allow=False and it pushes Cancel.

I think there was an article in ClarionMag by Tom Habenstreit

Just disable red cross.

That leaves other ways to close: Escape, Ctrl+F4, System Menu, Frame Close Down

If I’m correct, Edvard has no issues with other ways to close.

My problem is, that if i close the main frame window with the red cross, and there is still some MDI windows open, there happens unfortunate things in them. So i need to set a global variable glo:red_cross_Used to handle the closing of some MDI windows correctly.

When I am thinking over it, I really don’t know how the MDI windows finds out, that the main window is closed - And that knowledge could give me the clue to handle the MDI windows.

See Event:CloseDown in the help.

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and also might help CleanCloseDown


Gives me a way.

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