How to remove UAC Yellow/Blue shield from my C10 exe

Hi all,
The UAC in Windows 10 is showing the ugly yellow and blue shield on my application icon compiled in C10. This seem to obscure my application icon on the desktop too.

Various forums on the internet seem to suggest that this happens when application requires admin or elevated rights to run. This is the bit I am confused about. My application does NOT require an admin privileges to access any secure resources.

My findings
If I compile my application with the Default Manifest (see screenshot below), only then this shield appears.

I believe, the manifest is there to make the application adapt the look an feel of that of the OS.

My question:

  1. Is there a way to have the Manifest included and at the same time not show the SHIELD?
  2. Will it make any difference if I digitally sign my application?

I would appreciate any input in this matter.



Hi Mathew,

Unselect First Option and select second & third option.

That’s all…

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Hi SerhatSatir,

I agree with you, and I would additionaly point to the relevant difference.
It´s the “Execution Level”:
if it is set to ‘asInvoker’ you right, then there is no UAC,
if it is set to ‘highestAvailable’ or ‘requireAdministrator’ then there is UAC

The main difference that I found is, that with ‘asInvoker’ the exe can´t write to INI-Files in the \Windows path - which is unfortunately the clarion default if you use a filename without any path in putini().

Maybe somebody has an idea for me how to solve this easy?
(for user specific parameters)