What are the advantages of digitally signing an EXE?

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I have another question. I was thinking of digitally signing my application. Is there any added advantage of doing that?


If you add digitally signing, OS will confirms that your software is legal application. In that case users do not need to trust application.

Manifest gives application to manage OS resources. For example, if you want to update WINDOWS folder files, you need to select “Execution Level” as requireAdministrator. asInvoker can access only user permissioned folders like application folder or “C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows” folder.


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We were looking into code signing our product. And, now it looks like we should go about it. Would you just sign the EXEs OR would you sign all the EXEs and DLLs too?



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I don’t have experience on DLL side but for example Adobe is using Digital Signature on their DLL files too.

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I am going to take that as an answer. I might go about signing all my DLLs too.


I would sign the DLLs. That guarantees that they have not been modified after the point when you signed them.

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Following site has template to check digital signatures of EXE & DLL files at the beginning of application startup. Very useful…


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