How to use SQlite without prop:sql

Hi all,
I want to run SQLite scripts "under the hood"in my Clarion application.
Anyone know how I would approach this without using prop:sql ?
I need the output go straight to CSV.

I don’t need advise against or rants about why SQLite would s*ck etc.

Contructive hints please.
Kind regards,

You can access sqlite directly.

Thanks Mike, I’ll look into it.

There is the SQLite3.Exe Command Line Shell

sqlite> .headers on
sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .once c:/work/dataout.csv
sqlite> SELECT * FROM tab1;
sqlite> .system c:/work/dataout.csv

I posted about here

Hi Carl,
Thanks for your reply.
It is definitely a start.
What I am looking for is to use the SQLite3.Exe Command Line Shell “under the hood” (invisible).

If you’re using the Clarion driver, just use clarion to loop through the file and add to the CSV.

Or you could ensure that the user has SQLite3.exe installed and do it via commandline.

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Hi Carl,

Thanks for the reply.
Suppose I do use prop:sql, then my question would be: How can I combine the five lines of code from your answer into a MyFile{prop:sql} = ?