Importing MS Sql database into Clarion database (.TPS)

Hi Again Guys and Dolls
I just need guidance on how to import a MS Sql database into a Clarion (TPS) database.
I am using Clarion 8

Kind regards

Off the top of my head….


Import the SQL table into dictionary.
Loop through SQL table and insert into TPS

B (If you have jFiles)

Query the SQL table where the results are returned as JSON.
Import the JSON into TPS using jFiles.

(Note: You don’t have to have jFiles but it sure does make it easier.)


Export SQL to CSV.
Loop through CSV and insert into TPS.

I’m sure there are other ways.


Thanks so much Donald. Will try it. Have a blessed day.

Thanks Don for all your help

An easy way to “Loop through SQL table and insert into TPS” …
… is to use a Process Template to create a Procedure that Reads the SQL and does an ADD to the TPS.

The DCT has the ability to “Generate Conversion Program” that makes a Standalone EXE with the file definitions. Best for a 1 time thing. Its all source so if the file definitions change you’ll have to edit the source. The above Process template procedure uses the DCT for file specs so is more future proof.

The CSV import method can make use the DCT Import feature as shown in the below topic.