Learning Clarion

I’m very new to Clarion coming from a VB background and it has been very difficult to try to find any resources on how to learn and how to begin using Clarion. Does anyone know any resources or books I could use or purchase to develop he Clarion program with a SQL backend. Thanks in advance

“Learning Clarion” pdf document (included in standard Clarion package) is good enough to start.

The ClarionMag has a heap of stuff that could be helpful.

There are two e-books which could be good.

The Clarion Content section in general.

There is also a bunch of stuff archived from Clarion Foundry:

and here of course!

Keep digging, there is more around.

@Bruce had a book which helped me a great deal when you start getting more into the ABC template/classes, if you go that way. Not sure where to get it these days.

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It’s available on https://www.clarionshop.com.
Search for ABC

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