List of User Groups

I have just added a new private user group and realised that there was no way anyone would know about this unless I explicitly invited or mentioned it!

How about a wiki topic that can be used to list known user groups, either here or elsewhere?

ClarionHub private user groups:

(send me a PM @brahn to get invited!)

Other user groups

I don’t actually have any yet but perhaps the distributor in your local region could put you in touch? Make sure you come back here and update the list if you do find any!

Thanks @gspillane for sending an email to all the Australian Clarion folks.

If you are here following a link from his email then welcome!
If you are not already a member please sign up using the link on the top right:

You can connect via Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github or plain old email/password.

Once you are logged in you can start participating in the public areas of the site (browse around, post a reply or even create your own topics/questions!).

To join the private usergroup send me a message by going to my profile page, by clicking on this link or send me an email and I will connect you to the group.

Hi Brahn - I can’t seem to find the PM option on here, but would love to be added to the Australian User Group! :slight_smile:

Hi @Devan and and welcome! It could be something to do with how the site handles new users. There is an automated system of trust levels that helps filter out spam bots.

I will connect you to the group now!

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The new version of Discourse has improved the group configurability. I have just adjusted the settings so people can [Request to Join Group] directly from the Groups page!