Little job - integrate VNC viewer into CW

Guys, who’s up for a job? I would have Mike do it, but payment to Russia are not possible…

Attached is the sdk. It’s a VNC viewer sdk (.net, c++, wpf). I need this viewer inside CW.

If you build examples.sln (with Visual Studio) and run “Core”, this is what I need - remote view of the PCs desktop.
For testing you need to have one pc with Tight VNC server running (small footprint) to which this viewer will connect (6.5 MB)


Have you considered Windows Remote Assistance?
It supports remote control as well if you need it.
msra /?

Not really. The server side must be always on and without any confirmation from the server side upon client’s connection. It also has to work in closed LAN, meaning no internet access or anything.
My app will have to remotely control some machines that are driven by PCs with windows. So far only VNC seems possible and there are at least two SDKs available.

AFAIK Windows DCOM was setup to allow remote control of other machines which would meet your network requirements, ie a lan not connected to the internet. Its one of the ways sysadmins can push installation software to workstations.

[MS-DCOM]: Introduction | Microsoft Learn

Unless you want to access non windows OS machines?

No, it’s only windows. And it must not work like rdp where new session is established. It must work on current desktop, like vnc, teamviewer etc

You can restablish an existing connection with a registry setting (and possibly a group policy).
[MS-RDPBCGR]: Automatic Reconnection | Microsoft Learn

And if you want an interactive session with a remote user then you can enable Shadow on Terminal server.
Viewing a Remote User’s Desktop Session with Shadow Mode in Windows | Windows OS Hub (

RDP on Windows is very good, but its default setup is to allow remote working, when it can do alot lot more, it can even redirect the printers connected from the lan to the remote user and vice versa, although thats more useful for people working remotely from home and need to print stuff out on their home printer, whilst hoping its not a security risk.

I’ll check this out. I’ve never used “shadowing” with rdp before. Maybe it’s an option, if all windows 10/11 /home/pro have this and we can integrate it inside a window of our app.

I used to use it in the early 00’s with SBS 2000 or SBS 2003 Premium, its been around for a long time.

All versions of windows have RDP, its part of the windows core, like COM and DCOM is.

Edit. So I’ve just found out Home editions of windows do not support Remote Desktop. So I stand corrected on the above claim “All versions of windows have RDP”.

Remote Desktop client - supported Windows versions

The commands for Server Terminal Server can be found here
Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) command-line tools reference | Microsoft Learn

shadow command

The desktop OS’es only allow a single Terminal Server session called Remote Desktop Client (RDC), most people will have probably seen the Control Panel, System Icon Remote Tab, Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop options which is where the single instance of TS settings reside. Servers if licenced could have multiple sessions.

Enable Remote Desktop on your PC

mstsc.exe is available on Windows Pro and it has a /shadow option, but this option only works with Windows Server, not Windows Pro.

There is a new version 3 of TSplus RemoteSuport that is similar to TeamViewer, and has an Unattended mode access. TSplus RemoteSupport is about 1/3 the cost of TeamViewer.