Memorial Corner

I created this spreadsheet when I started running out of fingers. If there’s anyone missing from the community, or if you have any corrections, please let me know.

SurName First Name Other Born Died Notes
Lingo George 1992-?-? Clarion Education/Trainer
Ivanovsky Alexsander 2010-05-27 Seal Soft
Churton Eric 2011-xx-xx? Simsoft
Hicks Nigel 2011-04-xx? Topspeed, JPI, eData/Seisint
Sinkiewicz Donald J 2013-03-27 Datasynch Corp
Coker Earl ???-01-10 2013-10-21 Kwik Systems
Troxell David Allen 1953-?-? 2014-11-13 Encourager Software
Schmitz Bo 1951-02-02 2015-02-23 Comsoft 7
Gutsatz Jean Pierre François 1951-05-25 2015-03-30 DMC
Howard Lynn 1932-10-08 2016-05-12 Linked Software
Riddell George David 1946-03-20 2016-10-19 Able Staff Scheduler
Eggen Russell B 2016-12-24 RADFusion
Hale George 1942-03-22 2017-04-27 Team Topspeed
Staff Brian 2017-11-25 Team Topspeed, JDA
Johnson Nik 2018-09-19 Computer Advisors, Yellowpad?
Gardner Kenny 1954-04-? 2019-07-09 GAP Development
Howington Keith David 1954-04-09 2019-12-09 Logix Development (LPM)
Farmer John 2020-05-28
Bailey Gregory C 2020-12-23 LAN Micro
Rollins Bill 2021-Spring Total Control Software
Keith Stan 2021-09-00
Sink Paul Douglas 1966-03-30 2021-10-16 Diamond Data Systems
Partridge Brahn 1977-01-04 2021-10-29 Fushnisoft, ClarionHub
Valente Michele Elio Stefano 1950-02-03 2021-12-05
Ripley John Scott 1963-08-09 2022-02-18 Fedcomp, inc
Bonds Arthur 2022-?-?
Carroll Phil 1934-12-06 2023-?-? Enabling Simplicity, UltraTree
Robinson Randy
Total: 28

thanks Jeff

there are a couple of guys there I did not know had died.

a recent loss to covid that I heard about from Rick Martin on the Skype groups was Scott Ripley:

John Scott Ripley
August 9, 1963 to February 18, 2022
Fedcomp Inc

Man. I’m sorry to hear that. Thanks Geoff.

also worth adding Nigel Hicks
Topspeed, Co-founder of JPI (from the original Borland team), later went to eData (renamed Seisint) and LexisNexis

died April 2011

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Going back a ways - Randy Robinson. Sorry, no dates but a very good tennis player (from the Boca Raton DevCon).

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Shit, I had no idea Brian died. Worked with him for a number of years @ JDA

Paul Sink passed on October 16th, 2021, working most recently with our team at Diamond Data Systems.

BTW, you may have a mistake in Greg Bailey’s entry. According to your own post on Dec 2, 2020, Greg passed the prior Wednesday, which would be November 25, 2020.

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Hi Mike. Thanks for letting me know. Must be a date format issue, as I wasn’t notified by his wife until Dec 28, and it was “last wednesday”.

I do appreciate the heads up. Thanks again.

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Again, going way back - George Lingo, Clarion Education/Trainer extraordinaire. Fall 1992 I believe.
No doubt in my mind where many folks first learned what was possible with Clarion.

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I misread 2 (pencil) Dec '20 as “December 2, 2020”. The 2 up front is probably the edit count, and it appears not to show the day within December until you hover over the date. It’s a bit of an odd display approach…

If I missed anyone, please let me know. Thanks everybody. Some of the notes had to be abbreviated because the format gets whacked for the whole grid if the text has to wrap.

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I think I can add info for JP - birthdate 25th May 1951

Entries there for his father Yuri, who JP described once as a nose having had a lot to do with the French perfume industry…

There used to be a bio of JP somewhere describing his goat herding, jaguar car restoration etc etc

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Looks like I’ll have another one to add. I didn’t know about Keith Howington in 2019.

Your sleuthing is fantastic!

I had not seen this list. Thank you for sharing. I had the honor to meet and interact with most of the people on this list. Great people, great programmers.

I wonder if there is any way to have a direct link to this post on the main ClarionHub page as a icon at the top of the page?

Thanks Kevin. I think stuff can be made “sticky”, but I’m not sure I’d always want to be looking at it.

As it is, the topic goes to the top when something happens, and (I’m just guessing) that’s probably preferable for most.

Thanks again


Hi Jeff,
Need to add John Farmer to list. He died back on May 28, 2020.

Thank you for the update.

Also reported in the newsgroups, Stan Keith died from Covid September 2021.

From: “Lee White”
Newsgroups: comp.lang.clarion
Subject: OT: This heinous thing called COVID-19
Date: 14 Sep 2021 15:32:07 -0400

Lee mentioned “Some of you might remember Stan Keith from the news groups and, possibly, from the ETC conferences.”

Thanks Geoff. Got it.

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