RAD Basic - VB6 for 2021 - a possible new alternative?

I bet that many of the old Clarion developers here also looked at/developed in Visual Basic 6 back in the 90s. If you loved that program there has been an effort the last few years to create an alternative. At the moment there is a kickstarter campaign going on to fund the final stages before launch.
I leave a link here:

I know this is Clarion community, but it could be an idea to keep your options open. Clarion is 32 bit and we do not know how long Microsoft will allow 32 bit applications, as almost all computers sold now are 64 bit. Dot.net is one alternative, but not all people like the framework, and prefers to compile to native executables, like Clarion does.

I thought I would give the people here a heads up. I am not affiliated in any way.

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Thanks Werner for the heads up. I remember the uproar when VB6 was discontinued. I still have a Windows XP environment in VirtualBox that allows me to maintain Zippy, a useful little backup utility that I never got round to rewriting in VB.NET. Unfortunately I was forced to rewrite another utility completely in VB.NET because the email component stopped working in VB6.

Let’s hope it isn’t a case of too little, too late!

It’s always amazed me that no other template chain has be developed to generate something like VB6, ok, all your embeds would need to be vb6 code, but does not the clarion paradigm really lend itself to generating other language source code?

There have been a few efforts over the years. See Clarion Open Source Project “Back to the Future”