Sharing of data over a network


I am working with Clarion but using the templates to build database apps for our churches-
(Names, Surnames, donations etc.) I built quite a few offline applications.
Question: How can I make my data on these apps sharable on a network so that more than one person can capture onto the same database?

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Short answer is YES, no problem. Your database (TPS or SQL) needs to be shared across the network. The Full Path Name and Owner Name of a table defines where the data lies and what the table name is. The compiled Clarion app using standard templates is already multi-user ready. Read up about Full Path Name and Owner Name in the Clarion help.


Thanks so much for your response

AS Thys says, yes very possible. Clarion templates build network ready apps.
You need to designate one computer as the ‘server’ and SHARE a folder on it. You may need to read up on making a windows share, it’s not too hard.
Your data will then live in that folder.
Note: You will then want to complain that the network PCs don’t run as fast as the person using the program on the ‘server’ system. Thats normal. Wires aren’t as fast as a PC.

Thanks Sean. I am in IT and know how to share. You are very kind. How are you using Clarion.

Sean Do you know where I can find decent tutorials to advance my Clarion programming? I am still using Version 9.1


Visit and Both are excellent resources :slight_smile:

To make a living :slight_smile: Mostly custom programming for various companies

Thanks Sean all the best

Depending on the usage scenario, you might also want to consider something like TSPlus, which would allow you to set up remote access to your Clarion app using RDP with very little fuss.

Thanks for your reply

Appreciate it.

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