✨ This site is awesome, how can I help?!

Option 1: Easy… participate! :speaking_head:

The more you are involved in the site, the better it becomes. My primary goal for this site is to make it awesome, so more better equals more awesome.

Option 2: Spread the word :loudspeaker:

Tell your friends and colleagues!

The more awesome Clarion Folks here the better. Any age, any ability, any language, as long as you are interested then signup and join in!

For existing members you can also send invites directly to people from your own user profile page.
In fact, hit up this direct link to the invites section and get started!

Option 3: Financial support :coffee:

Whilst the ClarionHub is 100% a free service it does cost time and money to run.

One of the reasons for the advertising that you see when you are not logged in is an effort/experiment to contribute to costs. Sure it makes about $2 per month but that’s something right? :laughing:

However, I have been asked several times “WHERE IS THE SEND-YOU-MONEY BUTTON?!!” by some very nice, not shouty people.

Plus, sometimes you wonderful folks prefer to show your appreciation through donations.

Wich is super awesome :heart: so please mash the donate button below and buy me a :coffee:/:beer:/:sailboat:/:computer:/:desktop:

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