Start Page Issue - clicking on APP does not open it

They changed the domain settings on our computers from a local domain to a cloud domain. This in turn created a new user profile on my computer. I had to re-enter my Clarion license key to be able to run Clarion. Luckily all my templates were still linked.

The issue I am having is that on the Start Page window I can click on the “Open Solution” button I can open an existing solution/App but clicking on an App in the Start Page list does nothing. Further the Dictionaries, Diagram, Tables, and Source Files selections do not work when clicked on either. Clicking on the Location or delete button on the Start Page list does nothing as well. All the task bar buttons work, it is just the majority of the Start Page that does not work.

I re-ran the Clarion App installer but I have the same issue. I am using Clarion 11.1.13810.

What in my profile if any could be causing this issue.

When I open the Configuration Directory the path is now on the new domain. How can I change this so the configuration directory is on my local machine. The issues with clarion started when the IT department changed our logins to a domain account.