Tool to find unused variables/files/procedures in my app


I know some tool in the past would have scanned clw/app/txa files and displayed details about your app, like unused variables/files/procedures.

Does anyone know of something current?



Check f1 for wdnu=>on pragma

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Thanks, I forgot about the pragma, but that only checks local variables, which will help, but I am looking for more than just local variables.

years ago there was a tool App-Ref by Ray Creighton of Sable Software in Queensland, Australia. I think Ray retired years ago and AFAIK the product is no longer available.

ClarionTools have some tools that I bought when on sale a few years back but I have not yet got around to installing them so I don’t know if they will do what you are after:

you can buy them as a bundle:


Geoff R


Thanks, App-Ref was what I was using all those years ago. It was very useful when you have a solution with multiple app files.

Thanks for the response.

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