Utility to split FROM('String|#Value') to one Item / #Value per line

I previously posted about my List Format Parser on GutHub that splits the FORMAT() to One Column per Line. I have enhanced that to split the FROM('String|#Value') into lines also. That makes it easier to view and edit, and it provides #Values 3 ways.

Paste a LIST into the first tab and press the Process button:

The FROM Tab has the From both as one string and on the lower left split into one item per line.

This is made to copy and paste into the Window… editor:

On the lower right I generated code for a CASE OF ‘Value’ statement plus comma delimited lists of the Items and #Values that might be used in a CHOOSE or INLIST:

CASE TransWanted
OF 'ALL'             !  1  ALL Types|#ALL
OF 'TRS'             !  2  TRS
OF 'THIS'            !  3  THIS
OF 'SURCH'           !  4  Surcharge|#SURCH
OF 'TRIP'            !  5  T.R.I.P.|#TRIP
OF 'FEDTRS'          !  6  Federal |#FEDTRS
OF 'SSP'             !  7  SSP 457b|#SSP

Index=INLIST(Transwanted, 'ALL','TRS','THIS','SURCH','TRIP','FEDTRS','SSP')
CHOOSE(Index,'ALL Types','TRS','THIS','Surcharge','T.R.I.P.','Federal ','SSP 457b')

On a related topic I previously posted a utility to convert an OPTION + RADIOs to a Drop List.