Window Designer blue alignment lines - adjustable?

When moving controls around the window designer, these blue popup lines appear to indicate when a screen control is aligned with another control. Now when a control is moved close to another one, a smaller blue line appears which is like maybe a couple pixels in length, and I wondered if these can be adjusted somewhere to make them more longer so controls are not so close together.


Not sure you can adjust the snap-line, but I think you can achieve the same goal via snap-to-grid. image

Either way, I find myself having to test/adjust to get my control positions right. The window formatter doesn’t always do DLUs too well. The old (c6) window formatter seemed more WYSIWYG, IMO.

I swapped it over to Snap to Grid, didnt really use it in C6, but putting it through its paces today.

What would be nice is having the blue lines popping up in Snap to Grid as well, because it makes lining up that little bit easier especially if the grid properties are smaller. Theres more stuff around a control when its select compared to C6 and it makes alignment abit more difficult by eye.

I think the C6 formatter was more WYSIWYG, I certainly did more by eye as I could see when a control was out by a pixel but in this designer I cant because of all the stuff around a selected control.

Getting used to the new menu format though, beginning to like the data pad in the window formatter, alignment has a little annoyance, when clicking on the last control of many to select before aligning, if I’m not careful, ie too quick, the right mouse click seems to unselect the last selected control so I have to reselect it again, then right mouse click again before drilling down into the alignment menu options.

Tabs is different and a few more mouse clicks. Cant decide if thats the lazyness in me or the desire to be efficient.

Cant get the scroll bar to work in the window formatter property pad.

In an app, if two forms are open and form1 is maximised, it maximises form2 and there doesnt seem to be any way to have form2 normal size. If if restore down form2, it restores down form1. Thats a bit annoying.(see pic)

But yeah I know what you mean about having to go back and tweak the odd control.

In one of the ClarionLives, @CarlBarnes mentioned some pretty neat hot keys that you might find useful. I don’t remember all of them, but try holding down various combinations of Ctrl and Shift buttons, and then press one of the arrow keys a few times.

(while a control is selected in the window formatter :))

I believe that’s standard MDI behavior.
You can set prop:[min|max][width|height]
If they doesn’t give you enough control, then I have code that SIMULATES maximizing without actually maximizing. Apart from the look of MDI restore|min|max buttons on the frame it looks exactly like a maximized window

Point being you could hack the code to alter standard MDI behavior

Other people look for event: maximizing
Then cycle to cancel the max, but they do then resize the window so that its as large as possible within the frame

I think this might be the one you are referring to?
ClarionLive! 562 -Carl Barnes - Live Window WYSIWYG Design and PROPs Reflection - YouTube

So I have the Ctrl button enabled to show the location of the pointer when I press Ctrl, its a control panel (yes thats still accessible from win10), Mouse properties, pointer options tab, last tickbox.

Side note: I dont think zoom calls are a good idea. I didnt recognise Bruce! Has he taken up surfing?
ClarionLive! 640 - Carl Barnes - List Formats, Formats, Formats, Formats and FROM - YouTube

I’m going to live with it for now because I’ve not see the multiple MDI min, restore, max buttons so far on W10, but I’ve not been hammering the apps, these are just simple TPS files, nothing major like MS SQL views & queue’s in a busy network environment, which is where I saw the multi MDI button problem the most.

Another thing that would be good is, if the Snap to Grid option is selected, for the right mouse click, Format, Align to work with the Grid Spots, at the moment it ignores the Grid Spots which then makes things not align properly.

I’m getting to the stage where I’m going to switch back to Snap Lines.

Hold down the ALT key while dragging with the Mouse to turn Off the Snap To feature. The Blue Lines will not appear and it will Not Snap To positions. It makes for nice fluid movement.

After getting close dragging with the Mouse you can then use the Arrows to move the control without Snap To. You can see the control AT() numbers down in the Status bar.

My CLive covers a lot of designer features.

ClarionLive! 562 -Carl Barnes - Live Window WYSIWYG Design and PROPs Reflection - YouTube

Yeah I’m back to no “Snap to Grid” and using it like before.

My biggest problem at the moment is multiple selections of controls seems to cause a duplicate of a control which I’ve posted about here. Multiple selected controls for moving on screen, last selected one gets duplicated - questions - ClarionHub