ClarionHub updated to Discourse 2.6!

So Brahn am I correct to guess this forum runs on Discourse?

Obviously Discourse seems popular with Redditors, especially the WallStreetBets subreddit hitting the news recently when they gave some hedge funds a bloody nose.

Thing is, I cant see whats special about them? Whats the appeal for a discourse server? Its something I think I’m missing but I cant for the life of me figure out why Discourse servers seem so popular.

I do like the email reply option on this forum though, it saves me having to log in sometimes.

I think that’s Discord Software versus this is Discourse Software

It’s like Guerilla versus Gorilla, big difference

noun: discord
disagreement between people.

Does NOT sound quite right.

Aahh, so the Discord servers I see mentioned online especially places like Reddit, is a VoiP platform that would make sense. Why couldnt I find that pertinent bit of info when I looked around for info on it!?! :roll_eyes:

My kid and his friends use discord for yelling at each other while they play minecraft on their iPads :smiley:

Yes, this site uses discourse. Some topics that explain further:

And loads of posts here in the meta category: