In Memory of Brahn Partridge. 4th January 1977 – 29th October 2021

Brahn Partridge. 4th January 1977 – 29th October 2021

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Brahn Partridge.

Brahn passed away last Friday (29th October) after a very short battle with cancer. When Brahn and I had a brief chat back in mid August, he phrased it as a “wee bit of cancer”, so it is such a shock at just how quick this awful disease has taken him.

Brahn was an incredible member of the clarion community. He would always give back far more than was ever required of him. He was the creator of the ClarionHub, which has gone from strength to strength. His understanding of clarion and software in general was fantastic as I am sure many will agree. On a personal memory, he would often share techniques of using clarion to interact with different platforms etc. which I would then spend many hours studying, being in awe at what he was able to achieve.

If you would like to to add your messages to this thread in memory of Brahn, please do so.

RIP Brahn, you will be missed but never forgotten in our community.

-------------Update 3 Nov 21----------------

Brahns wife Rebecca has posted the following on Facebook

We have set up an online tribute page, please add your messages there. And feel free to send in funny photos, and videos, dress ups and filters encouraged. Brahn would have loved the humour!

The tribute page can be found here

She has also set up a gofund me page for anyone that would like to donate. She has no expectations and the donations will go towards his children’s education/future endeavours. link


This is really unbelievable and sad news. RIP Brahn

So jung, I am at a loss for words … thank you for ClarionHub, the only reasonable community for Clarion!
RIP Brahn

Sad news for everyone. RIP Brahn

So very sad! Brahn’s enthusiasm for technology was infectious. He was always excited to explore and understand new things.

really sad news :frowning_face:
A lost for the Clarion Community.

This is such tragic news. So talented and so young. He will be missed. :frowning:

I’ve always been in awe of what he could do in Clarion.
Quite a loss for the Clarion community. My heart goes out to his family.

Yes, he had lots of great and original ideas, and made them work. His Github account is full of knowledge.

Indeed. I believe a site like ClarionHub, that Brahn started and moderated for years, is key to the long-term viability of Clarion as a supported development ecosystem.

Also, very admirable that still a few weeks ago, he was trying to help the Clarion community. His last post here: Clarion Developer Needed - Upwork

He will be missed.

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Sad news indeed, we worked together for a while… Sorry to hear.

A very big contribution indeed. Would be nice to always see a Brahn credit on the About page.

I first met Brahn in 1998. At that time he was studying music at university and working at an Indian takeaway restaurant in Neutral Bay. We were chatting whilst the food was being prepared and it turned out he was playing with HTML. He ended up building my first website… it was his first too!

I introduced him to Clarion and he worked for me for a number of years contributing enormously. When he moved on he excelled. Brahn was the greatest Clarion programmer I’ve ever known, and his abilities went well and truly beyond that.

Brahn was an absolutely brilliant man. More than a great developer. A beautiful human being.

I’m so very very sad.

You’ll always be remembered Brahn. Rest in peace.


So sad to hear one of out comrades passing on. My heart goes out his family and friends. Indeed he was a great contributor to this community. RIP Brahn

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Wow. No words. Brahn was so easy to work with and a pleasure. I’m blown away by hearing this. I know he moved down to Melbourne and met him at a pub for dinner there a few years back.

May he Rest In Peace and my condolences to his family.

-Robert Paresi

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This is heartbreaking. Such sorrow and loss for his family.

Far, far, FAR too young. RIP, my friend, you are missed.

What a terrible news. I got to know Brahn when he lived in Holland for a while. He came to our Clarion user group meetings a few times then. He was clearly a good Clarion programmer helping others. I also met him a few times at Parnassos Cultural Centre of the Utrecht University where was in a band.

I will miss him.
R.I.P. Brahn

Very sorry to hear this.

Such sad news, he has helped so many of us.