Need information about different options of App Views buttons

I just came across this “Views”, as i am new to Clarion can anyone give information about these options like what is the use of these options and what functionality they offer?

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take a look at F1

@Clarion_clarion can you please explain about what is properties, window, report, calls, embeds, extensions, formulas

Try also here

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Also Here

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Will check it Thanks

try to click on each button to see… nor sure I understand your problem

If you are not sure - read manual (F1) first

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@Clarion_clarion Thank You!

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Those open the Procedure and jump direct to certain tabs or buttons. I never use them, I double-click and open the procedure then select what I want.

There is also a Right-Click context menu with similar choices plus a few more like Rename and Delete:


Clarion 11 added 2 buttons that open the Embeditor with All or Filled embeds. Because they are on the toolbar they are available from all tabs.



Thank You! @CarlBarnes

Also be sure to try the Toolbar buttons that change the Tree Mode. They are faster than the Tree Mode drop list. The icons don’t make a lot of sense but the positions do: 1st is Tree, 2nd is Module, Last is by Date. Those are the ones I use most. It just takes a few hours to learn them.

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