New (almost from scratch) browse control

Good day (or night):
For several years I wanted more flexibility and features for the browse control. Yes, we can add some colors, some icons, some text (literally), but I wanted more.
Some time ago, I decided to create Photon, a new way of browsing Clarion Databases. and for a while, it was enough for me. Now I decided to move a little bit further.
I created a GDI browse. Hand coded. You can see it here.
Now, the big question. Anyone would be interested on collaborating with this project? I currently lack the time to focus on the project, and It is got good potential (I had to pixelate some things), but think of this. No more limits on the browse, no more strings with limits, labels inside the browse, unlimited images or icons inside the browse, it only renders what is on screen, direct control over the browse. It writes directly to the screen (very fast, I will add double frame buffer support in the future).
If you guys think this is a good idea, I will create a basic example, with all the source code and I will post it at GitHub.


Photon UI

GDI Browse with PARENT>>CHILD Functionality, labels inside the browse, different font styles, different colors and more.

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If it was on github, I’d definitely want to check it out. Looks pretty neat-o. Would help if you had a name, as well. :slight_smile:

Good day.

It’s ok.

I will make it a GitHub Project, along with my Photon Search Engine (100 times faster than fuzzy search), MechaTheme Engine (never waste your time themeing your Clarion app again).

Everything is pure clarion code.

Contains a bunch of mistakes and bad practices, but hey, open source, right? Someone smarter than me should be able to make it better and mistakes free. I am just thinking of a proper license, maybe GNU or maybe CC.

Stay tuned

a lot of Clarion people use MIT License

please don’t use any restrictive license that might hinder people using your software - make sure you use a permissive license like MIT or maybe BSD.

I’d be interested to have a look at your code too.

thanks and cheers

Geoff R

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Wow! I would definitely use this!


MIT License will be used.


Good day.
I am not looking for payment. I want to open source it. I have been busy, but yes. Data Qs are well documented, clear concise and easy to read. The Classes are also well documented, and I will put defaults just in case. You can easily modify the Classes, and on most instances, you can copy/past them into new classes and get super results.
Should be out by the weekend.
You will be free to clone the GitHub Repo.

If you guys feel generous, after using the code and Wowing your customers, please make a donation to In Memory of Brahn Partridge. 4th January 1977 – 29th October 2021

Be patient

Coding is not my day job.


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Is this interesting looking example up on github yet? Very interested in seeing what this does.