When in Doubt, empty the %temp% folder

In the Clarion Connect webinar yesterday, Kurt had a problem with reports, specifically the speed of the report editor going really slow. Peter suggested cleaning out the %temp% folder. Cunningly, that fixed the problem.

Coincidentally I was struggling with a TeamViewer problem yesterday (“Connection Blocked” on outgoing connections, but perfectly ok on incoming connections). I hadn’t cleaned %temp% in a long time, so did it (just as a good habit) and wouldn’t you know, but TeamViewer starts working again.

I’m moving this up my list of “weird things are happening, what to do next” list.


It’s a ‘must do’ regularly on my web servers - When it gets too full, the reports stop being generated.

I have this small utility on GitHub that cleans the Temp folder of Clarion Report files Cla*.tmp Cla*.wmf. Also CPCS Repost and Tracker PDF special temp files.

Most of my User Apps have Code in the Frame shutdown to run this Utility … every 2 - 4 weeks.

When I first set it up I would be remoted in to an End User and see it remove 1000+ files.


Note in C 11 when AS was added the temp WMF files changed extension from .TMP to .WMF.

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Yeah, im a fan of this.

In this case though this was on a machine that doesnt use clarion programs, and is not used for development.

So the first time i know for sure its not a clarion related issue. So cleaning %temp% of -everything- from time to time is good, and emptying it specifically “when weird happens” is now high on my list.

I would suggest setting up a Task Schedule once a month to check on the temp folder. That is done by running a program. For now you could run Explorer.exe %Temp%

My Temp Folder Purge project could be modified to bring up a Summary Count and Size of files older than 14 or 30 days. A button could then delete them, or open Explorer to the Temp folder.

It also has a feature to Remove Empty Folders over 14 days old. That saves the hassle of opening folders to see if they have files. My %Temp% current has 177 folders.

I made a note to look at creating this utility. The Editor Find Clean utility I have a task schedule to run every 1st of the month which works well so I don’t forget.

apparently in Win 10 and about there is a thing call Storage Sense that will delete files automatically for you