Learning about Clarion 11 from Zero

Hi all, i’m a newbie for using clarion 11, but had skill in programming such Python, C etc. Have you know where’s the information about clarion 11 documentation, github something like that ? I don’t have a clue and found nothing in their websites.

Thank you

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where you’ve got Clarion installed there’s a directory called Docs that has a heap of PDF’s to browse through.
There’s also Clarionlive.com which has a heap of webinars on lots of topics.

also some references here that may help: (just search “learning Clarion”)

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In addition to the lessons on my blog, and the other references quoted by @vitesse (Thanks Geoff!), you can visit Clarion Resources and Products with some links to github resources and other stuff.

and Basic structure of Clarion 6 application - #17 by Bruce

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